Coral Gables Beach News And A Little Extra On The Side

When you look at the news headlines for a city, you can get to know it a little bit, at least what is going on at the moment. Many of the headlines for Coral Gables point to an event that hit many other cities in America recently, a natural disaster know as Hurricane Irma. The Hurricane knocked down trees, took out power, left debris everywhere and caused other damage in its wake. It was a horrible hurricane, and it came right after Hurricane Harvey had just hit the Texas coast and had ravaged Houston and other cities.

Many people are still and will still be recovering from both hurricanes. Most of the news for Coral Gables in regards to the hurricane is about trees causing damage and landscapes ravaged. I didn’t see any initial reports of flooding, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t flood in some parts of course. There is a news story about a lawsuit dealing with the trees and the fact that they should have been pruned. There are other news stories about the hurricane, too.

After these two hurricanes, this last one, Maria, hit Puerto Rico really hard. There is no doubt about it that many communities will be getting over the effects of the hurricanes, and Coral Gables is one of them. Coral Gables is so close to Miami, too, that there is always something going on there.

It is so great that the authorities and communities are all coming together to help the victims of the hurricanes. What’s interesting to me about looking up local news is when you watch it on TV, you just have commercials. When you get it online, however, any side ad or headline can grab your attention. I found myself clicking on some news story about Burt Reynolds out of curiosity.