Coral Gables Beach News Heading Out Of The Weekend

Coral Gables is located in southern Florida, and it is one of the cities that was affected by Hurricane Irma when it hit. It was reported in the news that there was quite a lot of debris that was in the downtown area of Coral Gables. The city of Coral Gables has approximately 50,000 people and is known as The City Beautiful. The Hurricane has been one of the biggest stories of this year, but let’s look at what’s going on in the news in Coral Gables FL this weekend.

There is a woman that was at Massage Envy, and she was sexually assaulted. She was a customer, and the accused is a massage therapist there. You would think the case would result in criminal charges, but instead, she is suing. It makes you wonder more about the details, but honestly, this is another one of those news stories that makes you feel bad for the victim and wish you didn’t have to read it.

The Satellite Art Basil Fair is in the news for Coral Gables. It is an art fair that features art from black artists across the world. There are also supposed to be some walking and biking trails that are going to be constructed under the Metrorail. The proposed project so far is going to cost up to $15 million. That will be a nice little upgrade to the city.

There was a gold robbery in Coral Gables recently, too, but the heist was short lived. The people were caught, and it is said in the news headlines to have been over in just a matter of seconds. Not only does that sound strange, but it is also said to be the largest precious metals heist in the history of south Florida. That’s all for now when it comes to news from Coral Gables, until next time.